iPhone 15 Shades — the Most Recent Speculation

iPhone 15 Shades — the Most Recent Speculation

The array of colors that iPhone 15 will offer at its launch is a crucial detail for any prospective buyer. After you’ve decided on the particular model and how much storage you need, the next significant decision is the color, which is the most reflective of your personal taste, unless you decide to cover it with a case.

The impact of color options on public perception of a phone can’t be underestimated. Consider the yellow shade introduced in the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus earlier this year. While the vibrant, Minion-like color might appeal to some, there are those who could find it overly flashy and somewhat childish. Nevertheless, this adds another option to the iPhone 14 series, providing consumers with more variety and, in Apple’s view at least, potentially driving more sales.

Therefore, it’s safe to say that color options will play a pivotal role in how the iPhone 15 is received, which is likely why there’s been a scattering of rumors about possible color choices. With the expected iPhone 15 release date rapidly approaching, current indicators suggest that the device may be available in six fresh colors.

While circumstances could change before the launch month, this is what we currently understand regarding the iPhone 15’s color options and what previous color trends might suggest for this year’s offerings.

iPhone 15 Hues: A Look at Apple’s Recent Color Trends

Before we delve into the speculated colors for the iPhone 15, it may be beneficial to consider the color history of Apple’s most recent smartphone launches to identify some recurring trends.

Historically, Apple typically offers five color options for their standard iPhone models when they are released in the autumn. The one exception was the iPhone 11 in 2019, which was available in six different hues. The Pro versions of iPhones usually have fewer options, limited to just four shades in the last four iterations.

When it comes to the actual colors, standard models like the iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 13 mini, and the recent iPhone 14 Plus generally feature vibrant hues. These contrast with the more muted palette for Pro models. Some colors appear consistently: a [Product] Red iPhone is usually in the lineup, along with black and white options (recently termed Midnight and Starlight by Apple). For Pro models, gold, silver, and some variation of graphite or black are staples, with a fourth variable color each year.

Since the release of the iPhone 12, Apple has also introduced a brand new color each spring, such as this year’s yellow for the iPhone 14. Other spring additions included a purple option for the iPhone 12 and 12 mini, and green for the iPhone 13 and 13 mini, with a specific Alpine Green for the iPhone 13 Pro. These spring colors, however, generally don’t carry over into the new fall releases.

iPhone 15 Color Rumors: What’s Been Said

So far, a few rumors have surfaced about the colors for the iPhone 15, but interestingly, many of them are consistent, boosting our confidence in their accuracy.

According to 9to5Mac, one source has stated that a dark red will be introduced for the iPhone 15 Pro, replacing the Deep Purple color from the iPhone 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max lineup. This claim is further supported by a secondary source. However, 9to5Mac later suggested a dark blue variant may also be in play.

Interestingly, there are rumors that Apple might be shifting from stainless steel to titanium for the iPhone 15 Pro, which could affect the color options for the Pro models. Titanium Apple Watches are available in silver and black, which could potentially be color options for the iPhone 15 Pro. A “Titanium Gray” shade is also rumored for the Pro models, at the expense of the longstanding gold option.

For the standard iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus, 9to5Mac reports that light blue and pink are under consideration. If these colors are approved, they would likely accompany the traditional Midnight, Starlight, and [Product] Red options.

However, another source, this one from Weibo, suggests that a cyan color is being considered for the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus, which is said to be similar to a past green option. A different source referred to this color as mint green rather than cyan.

The original leaker also predicts a change in the iPhone 15’s finish, from the glossy back currently seen on the iPhone 14 to a frosted glass panel more similar to the iPhone 14 Pro, aligning with the possibility that the iPhone 15 Pro may feature a back more compatible with its new titanium composition.

More recent leaks suggest the inclusion of yellow, green, and pink colors for the iPhone 15, along with the standard Midnight, Starlight, and [Product] Red.

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