How to French kiss

How to French kiss

A kiss symbolizes love – it represents affection, fervor, and intimacy. The manner in which you kiss can result in either a fleeting or a memorable moment. Mastering the art of kissing from the very first time and ensuring its perfection thereafter can redefine your love narrative. However, some individuals overlook the significance of a good kiss or neglect oral cleanliness prior to it. Hence, we present a guide on mastering the act of kissing!

Before you delve into the art of kissing, understand that it’s entirely normal if your first few kisses aren’t flawless. It’s a skill that refines over time. Let’s jump into some fundamental advice on kissing!

Key pointers for an impeccable kiss: Dr. Sharmila Majumdar, the Principal Sexologist and Director at the Sexual & Mental Health Clinic in Hyderabad, mentions that kissing isn’t merely a physical act; it also enhances the emotional connection between two individuals. She provides some essential pointers to remember before you embark on this intimate journey.

The importance of mutual agreement

Movies may have given us the impression that unplanned kisses are the most passionate. While there’s an allure to spontaneity, if you anticipate a romantic outing or a special occasion, it’s wise to be somewhat ready. But cinema often omits a vital lesson: the significance of mutual agreement. An impromptu kiss might align with your romantic ideals, yet it’s always preferable to seek permission before leaning in or to be asked before someone leans into you. Believe us, this approach is both more romantic and considerate!

Steering clear of clashing foreheads

Ever wondered if noses clash or foreheads bump during a kiss? With proper technique, they don’t. You might not nail it on your first attempt, resulting in a comical memory to chuckle about later. But if you wish to sidestep such awkward encounters, gently tilt your partner’s face to one side when moving in for the kiss.

Maintain direct eye gaze

Although it’s common to close your eyes when kissing, elevating the intimacy can be achieved by holding a steady eye gaze as you approach for a kiss. This act not only intensifies the passion but can also help in reducing any awkwardness.

Approach for the smooch

Looking for a tantalizing prelude to your kiss? Move nearer to your partner, pay attention to their physical cues, and establish a tantalizing anticipation before initiating the kiss. This playful prelude might naturally make your partner more eager and enthusiastic about sealing it with a kiss.

Go at a relaxed place

Confusing passion with aggression is a mistake. The allure of a soft, subtle, and warm kiss is unparalleled. Allow the kiss to flow naturally, ensuring your lips remain calm without applying excess force.

Extend the duration of the kiss

If you’ve enjoyed a kissing moment, you might think, ‘How can I prolong my kiss?’ To extend the kiss, experiment with varying pressures. A simple peck or a brief lip kiss can evolve into an intense French kiss, integrating your tongues. To achieve this progression, smoothly transition from your partner’s upper lip to the lower one.

Bear in mind, a kiss involves both parties

If you’re uncertain about how prolonged or forceful the kiss should be, take cues from your partner’s actions. An ideal kiss involves both individuals equally, and it’s all about reciprocation!

Engage your hands

Kissing isn’t limited to just the lips and tongue. Pondering if you should involve your hands while kissing? Certainly, use them to enhance physical intimacy when sharing a kiss. Maybe wrap one hand around your partner’s nape and use the other to caress their hair. Or, you could embrace them at the waist.

Prioritize oral cleanliness

The pleasure of a potential kiss can quickly diminish if either party neglects oral hygiene. All these kissing guidelines might be in vain if there’s an unpleasant odor.

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